LAWN: apply fertilizer at least 4 times a year, that will help the grass to be green & healthy,

we also recomend you to De-thatch at least once a year, that pull out all the dead organic matter

Aeration: Opens the way for water and fertilizer to get into the root zone of your lawn


Flowering shrubs make sure you trim them ofter the blooming.  There are shrubs that if you trim them with a power trimer they won't do any good so they need to be hand pruned. trim your bushes at time so the haevy branches & limbs won't split, trim or prun your srubs or hedges to let the sun & air go thru,

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Sprinklers System


We recommend you to winterized your system,

1.- you protect your system from the freezing season

2.- you protect your pocket , because if your system suffer damage from the freezing, the cost to repair it, is a lot


we will bring more tips later on